Game and Sports


SESSION: 2017-18

Games and sports plan of activities for the year 2017-18.

April and May:

  1. The regular timetable is as per the lesson plan.
  2. General fitness exercise and selection of players of various sports for cluster and regional sports meet.
  3. House division activity for the students to provide ample opportunities in games and sports activities.
  4. Formation of students council to co – ordinate the programmes in CCA, games and sports and other club activities.

July and August:

  1. Preparation of school teams as per the availability of infrastructure and the availability of class standards.
  2. Class wise athletics events.
  3. Medical checkup programmes.
  4. Participation of cluster and regional meets as per the availability of teams.
  5. Preparation of Independence Day celebrations.
  6. CCE is a continuous activity.

September and October:

  1. Coaching camp for selected KVS National players
  2. Preparation of temporary courts/fields.
  3. Inter house competitions in major games.
  4. Continuation of medical checkup activity.
  5. CCE is a continuous activity.

November and December:

  1. Mini sports meet held at KV Gajapati.
  2. Preparations of mini sports meet for primary.
  3. Plan of action for sports day celebration and execution.
  4. Plan for adventurous activity.
  5. CCE is a continuous activity.

January and February:

  1. Physical fitness programmes for secondary students.
  2. Preparation for republic day celebrations.
  3. II term medical checkup programme.
  4. Theory in health education in CCE activity.


The PH&E periods will be adjusted for study hours as the children will be busy with SA II exams.